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Sea Fishing Rules and Regulations

Users of this sea angling venue or any other structures are subject to the following rules and Cardiff Harbour Authority (CHA) Bye–laws approved by Welsh Assembly Government (WAG).

1. Users must not interfere with or obstruct the working of the Barrage and at all times to comply with the directions of Barrage employees.

2. No alcohol is to be consumed on the Barrage site.

3. Access to CHA land and to use the sea angling zone (the zone) by permission of CHA only.

4. Angling will only be permitted in the hatched zone along the seaward side of the long northern arm breakwater between the two signs marking the zone. Vessels operate in this area and Anglers must reel in all fishing line when vessels approach.

5. Angling outside the Sea Angling Zone is prohibited. There is no authorised access to the Cardiff foreshore from the Barrage. Any Angler fishing outside this zone will have his/her permit revoked.

6. Angling is allowed during the hours that the Barrage is open to the public and not at any other times. Anglers must be ready to leave the zone prior to the closing time for that day. The zone may be unavailable at certain times and days without prior notice.

7. Pendulum casting and any variation of pendulum casting is NOT permitted. Only normal ‘up and over’ casting is allowed. All rods must have fishing lines that employ a terminal ‘shock leader’ that is a minimum of two and a half times the length of the rod . The ‘shock leader’ must have a minimum breaking strain of 10 lb per oz of weight employed. For example a 5 oz weight requires a shock leader of 50 lb breaking strain.

8. Each Angler is permitted no more than two rods. Anglers must cast and fish from their own selected peg. Junior Anglers (Under 16) and physically disadvantaged anglers will be allowed to fish alongside an accompanying adult. Once maximum occupancy of the zone has been reached new arrivals must wait for a space to become vacant.

9. Anglers MUST remain inside the railings at ALL TIMES. Climbing on or over the railings is not permitted. The use of petrol, paraffin or gas lamps or stoves is prohibited. Fishing umbrellas must NOT to be tied or attached to the railings or any other structure. During times of maximum occupancy of the area large umbrellas are NOT permitted at all.

10. The zone and all access areas must be kept clean and litter free at all times. Harbour Authority fixtures and seats must not be used for cutting bait. All rubbish must be deposited in the bins. Unwanted fishing line must be put in the bin, Unwanted bait and fish parts are to be disposed of either in the sea or taken home.

11. Unwanted fish caught are to be returned to the water immediately. Angler must only kill and keep fish that they need. No fish is to be killed under the appropriate size limit. Garden worms and lob worms are not permitted

12. Non- fishing members of the public are NOT permitted within the zone unless accompanying a junior or physically disadvantaged angler.

13. Anglers fish entirely at their own risk. Cardiff Harbour Authority accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by anglers to third parties or their property, or damage or injury caused by third parties to anglers or their property. Anglers must be vigilant when casting and ensure no person especially a child has wandered into the area unnoticed.

Species - minimum size
  cm inches  




Bass 41 16  




Conger Eel 91 36  




Dogfish 38 15  




Mullet 33 13  




Silver Eel


15   Sole 25 10