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Sailing is one of the few sports where people with disabilities can participate on virtually the same terms as able-bodied sailors. It can be a thrilling sport that can be shared with family and friends.

We offer a variety of pathways from simple taster sessions where we just get you on the water and introduce you to the basics, to courses based on the Royal Yachting Association’s (RYA) National Sailing Scheme.

We work closely with the National Governing Body for Sailing along with other organisations such as the Innovate Trust. With partnerships such as this, we are able to offer regular sessions allowing people with disabilities to access sailing.

The Sailing Centre also has Foundation status with RYA Sailability which helps us provide the facilities and expertise needed to enable people with disabilities to access this great sport.

Please contact the centre on Tel: (029) 20 877 977 for further information.

“The Centre ran a sailing course over the summer for disabled children and young people, culminating in the first annual regatta. This group are often excluded from adventurous activities, so it was marvellous that so many people could take part. The young people experienced a real sense of achievement after completing the course.”

Jonathon Lee, Participation Manager, Innovate Trust