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Over the last 10 years the ecology of Cardiff Bay has allowed for the development of a healthy coarse fishery with a good diversity of habitat and species of fish which should maintain the interest of both novice and experienced anglers. Species present include roach, chub, dace, perch, rudd, bream, carp and pike. In the summer months mullet are a regular visitor which provides extra angling opportunities.

The Bay was opened up for coarse fishing in Feb 2010 in selected areas, however, there is a great deal of potential to expand activities in the future as interest continues to grow, as more and more people come to fish the Bay. The excellent water quality in the Bay and good food chain for the fish has already resulted in excellent growth rates for a variety of species and the potential for catching specimen fish in the future will be very good.

The Harbour Authority are continuing to develop and improve angling facilities, plus working closely with community groups and schools on introductory fishing days for people interested in the sport we also have close links with other fishing related organisations such as the Environment Agency, Federation of Welsh Anglers (governing body) and local angling clubs.