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RYA Shorebased Courses

It is true that there is nothing better than getting on the water and 'getting your feet wet' as a way to learn, however there are times when your practical knowledge needs to be supplemented by some classroom learning, and this is where the RYA shorebased courses come into play.

We offer both the RYA First Aid and RYA Short Range Certificate (SRC) throughout the year. While we may schedule courses, we are always flexible, and can schedule courses which suit you or your club/organisation.

RYA First Aid - This 1 day course is a really important course that anyone who goes out on the water should do. The course includes the usual first aid subjects (from a marine perspective), as well as some specific subjects such as cold shock and hypothermia from immersion and/or exposure, seasickness and dehydration, medical assistance or advice by VHF and helicopter rescue.

RYA VHF Marine Radio - The VHF Short Range Certificate (SRC) is essential for anyone wanting to use a marine VHF radio. This 1 day course does not require any previous experience, however you will be expected to do some pre-course work before attending. This course is followed by an exam/assessment (practical and theory) by a separate RYA Assessor, but don't worry, it's not as daunting as it seems.