Due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, Cardiff Sailing Centre remains closed for windsurfing.
We will keep everyone updated as the situation develops through our website & social media accounts.


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Windsurfing Courses

The RYA Windsurfing scheme has been designed to help you progress rapidly through the sport whatever your age or ability.

Cardiff Sailing Centre operates The National Windsurfing scheme for adults, and offers the following courses:

Start Windsurfing - A first introduction to the sport, teaches you the basics so you are up and sailing around in as little as eight hours.

Intermediate Windsurfing - The unique fast forward coaching system our instructors use will form the backbone to your progression throughout windsurfing. Split into non-planing and planing modules, the courses will let you get to grips with the harness, footstraps and more dynamic skills in stronger winds. Beachstarting and gybing are usually taught as a clinic or combined in a course.

We also offer The Youth Windsurfing Scheme for 8-16 year olds, and offer the following courses:

Stage 1 - This is the ideal introduction with no prior experience needed. Stage 1 will teach you the basics of getting on the water and sailing the board across the wind and back.

Stage 2 - During the Stage 2 course, your instructor will teach you the practical skills to get you sailing around, practising tacking and gybing, enabling you to make progression towards and away from the wind.

Stage 3 - Once you have mastered the practical skills and knowledge required in Stage 2, it's time to hook in and hang on. Using the RYA's Fastforward coaching formula, our instructor will help you to correctly set up your board and rig, enhance your stance on all points of sailing & introduce basic harnessing techniques in stronger winds.